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Program description

Converting Emails to HTML and make index files (author, data, subject, thread). Of course there are other programs making the same, but here are some points which not all have:

  • correct threading with/without level limitation
  • Some little mime support
  • quoted-printable text encoding
  • HomePage-Hyperlink (X-URL)
  • faces support
  • breake indexes in different pages to make them smaller (don't break between threads)
  • index time limitation (older mail dissapears from the index)
  • Support Base64 and uuencode
  • Save attachments as files
  • Extended configuration
  • Frame support
  • Statistic page

Of course there are some points which this program currently not has. Take a look to the ToDo section.


© Copyright 1996,1997 by Norbert Kümin <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

See the GPL (General Public Licence) for the terms for distribution and warranty of this program.

Where can you get it

Get it from one of these sites:

Or directly from here: {phocadownload view=file|id=5}

TODO list

Here are all points listed which I wish to implement in one of the next versions:

check all string for correct freeing (hole in thread index) 1 V1.0.4
configuration file 2 V0.9
body function 2 V0.9
enable/disable faces at runtime 2 V0.9
time correction (for those with wrong system time) 2
mail cgi (with arguments:receive-addr,Subject,reference-ID) 3
extend navigation control for mail-html 3 V1.0
better sorting routine 3
additional program for searching 4
additional program for statistics 4 V1.0
additional program for (re)moving outdated files 4

Supported OS

This sourcde should work on any operating system where GCC is available.

© 2024 Sevérina & Norbert Kümin

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